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PONS Dictionary German

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The reliable PONS Dictionary German - English ADVANCED functions entirely offline and contains 775,000 keywords, phrases and translations – ideal for everyday activities, studying and work!Do you need an extensive offline dictionary for your smartphone or tablet that you can use to translate unfamiliar words even abroad or on trains? Do you talk to German friends in your spare time? Do you read or write in German in a wide range of subjects – privately or even professionally?
In that case, this offline dictionary is the perfect translator for you._ _ _
PONS Dictionary German - English ADVANCED • Bi-directional: German > English and English > German• With more than 315,000 key words and phrases and more than 460,000 translations• With a basic vocabulary, as well as modern specialist terminology • With lots of example sentences and information about grammar and language use• Country-specific vocabulary from Great Britain, USA, Australia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland• With valuable additional information about the culture, country and people• Provides 100% offline functionality._ _ _
What can the App do?• Easily translate ON THE GO: As the dictionaries work 100% offline, they are ideal when on the go.• HANDWRITING look-up: Use your finger or stylus to conveniently write the search term in the search box. • VOICE RECOGNITION look-up: Activate voice recognition and enter your search term by speaking into your smartphone or tablet (only for smartphones with Google voice recognition, Internet connection required). • Translate WHOLE TEXT PASSAGES: Do you like reading texts on foreign Internet websites? Texts that you copy into another application, such as the Internet browser, can be looked up word for word directly in the app.• Forgotten the SPELLING? No problem. If you are unsure how to spell a word, the word can still be found and translated – by searching for similar words or using the wildcard search. You can also use the anagram search for words consisting of the same letters but in a different order.• Looking for EXAMPLE SENTENCES? Use the full-text search to search through all the entries. This gives you example sentences or phrases from other entries.• Look up CONJUGATED VERBS: Look up keywords in English, French, Spanish, Russian in any form (declined or conjugated).• BROWSE through the dictionary: You can easily scroll down to the next entry in the dictionary. • Learn the PRONUNCIATION: You can listen to the way many of the keywords are pronounced. The sound recordings were spoken by native speakers. (Audios are only available for English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian)_ _ _
Frequently asked questions (unfortunately only in German)
Support:pons-support@paragon-software.com_ _ _
About PONS: PONS has been developing green materials for learning languages for life for over 30 years: from classic dictionaries and grammar aids to audio and software language courses right up to free online services. _ _
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